Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Aquarius 2020

January 24th, 2020 - a new moon, a new beginning, a new vision!

As we get immersed with the energies of Aquarius, we are closer to the angelic realms. Guidance and healing are within reach. Guardian angels are here for us to listen to wishes and prayers.

Aquarians are the occultists of the zodiac: the channelers, the tarot readers, the astrologers, and the numerologists. They are also deeply philosophical.

This is not a time to only think of oneself. This is a time to care for everyone. We can use our gifts to benefit all.

The mantra for Aquarius in esoteric astrology is:

"Water of life, am I, poured forth, for the thirsty humanity."

The water bearer pours knowledge from the superconscious mind to be shared with humanity. It is time to share our views and philosophy with a group. And we can only expect to become wiser.

Aquarius is also a visionary and might come up with the perfect solution.

Utopic thinking flourishes around this time.

Some might think that everybody should embrace some new type of being or thinking that can benefit all. Or so that all humanity can finally change.

The climate is a very important topic, especially after Spain being hit by its biggest storm for 30 yrs in wintertime. Snow and rain. Greta is having a press conference together with other girls from other countries and they discuss the crisis and what it means for the future.

Yet, others might see business as usual as more important for all. And selfish self-serving capitalism at the cost of the future is an ideology in itself with utopic proportions.

Some wait for artificial intelligence to save us from ourselves.

A side-effect of holding on to a utopian ideology can be fanaticism and over-simplification of very complicated processes. It might not take into regard everybody's individual needs ending up in a totalitarian society.

Aquarius-energies can make "society" the new god and both good and bad things happen in its name. But "society" becomes also a body and an entity in its own right, of collective consciousness, or groupthink. You hit society, you hurt everyone. And it is not the individuals, you, me, him, her, that has a future; but "society".

What is your own utopia? How would it impact the world?

Realistically, maybe such a thing does not really exist and all utopias are doomed to fail and create victims out of those that reject it. I would have loved at least to be able to use computer simulation and see how a certain change in how people think or other factors could impact the future of humanity.

Jupiter as the esoteric ruler of Aquarius goes beyond Uranus in that it understands that only tolerance and knowledge can bridge societies and groups of people together.

This is a 4-degree new moon, having to do with roots, family, and the past. It is time to connect and reconnect, to remember, to tolerate, to forgive, to get over, and move on - if you can, since disaster might have hit your life as the energies of this new moon are not the best and happen still close to a conjunction between Pluto and Saturn.

There is a new virus spreading from China, a hospital is being built to treat and cure it, and a whole town is in quarantine. According to New Scientist, this virus might have spread from snakes.

You can also use this energy of the new moon to create a new vision that you can share with others as topic of discussion promoting group cohesion. It is time to cooperate with others and think about the whole. Find new friends of all kinds, from the eccentric to the conservative and expand your understanding for everyone else even if they have other types of experiences.

Bless you all! Love & Light!

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