Esoteric Astrology

What is esoteric astrology?

Are you ready? This section of the page is all about esoteric meanings for planets, signs and houses. It will definitely broaden your horizons and you will not be sorry.

Esoteric astrology is the new black for people that want to evolve.

On this site, you can read the basics in esoteric astrology and quickly you will begin to understand yourself through a more spiritual perspective.

Remember though that every person has their own touch and so it is not good to limit your knowledge to what is on this webpage but to rather explore other sites, read books, and make the knowlege your very own, so that you can put it all in your own words, giving it your own version, more or less.

In this section we discuss first the planets, then the signs and lastly the houses.

The Ascendant can tell you more about why you are here.

Planets, signs and houses interact with each other so that you can easily interpret charts and also daily influences.

  • Planets show WHAT is happenining. (Ex. Venus)
  • Signs show HOW it is happening. (Ex. Capricorn)
  • Houses show WHERE it is happening. (ex 3rd house)

Example: Good harmonious relationships (Venus) helps you attain important goals (Capricorn) in the field of written and verbal communication (3rd house).