Your 2020 Horoscope

Your 2020 Horoscope

Everybody is talking about 2020 as a very important year and a year of change and maybe it is true, maybe it is just wishful thinking.

The most important astro events in 2020

These are what the short horoscopes for 2020 for each sign below are based upon.

  • Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus
  • Eclipses in Cancer (January 10, June 21) and in Capricorn (July 15)
  • Saturn visits Aquarius (March 22 - July 2)
  • Venus spends 4 months in Gemini (April 3 - August 7) because Venus goes retrograde in Gemini (May 13 - June 25)
  • Eclipses in Sagittarius (June 5, December 14) and in Gemini (November 30)
  • Planet Mars spends 6 months in Aries (June 28 to the end of the year)


As a general rule, you should read your sun, rising and moon sign.

ARIES 2020

This year will be fantastic for your career with new opportunities. Some changes and adjustments will be needed. Some of you will feel more in charge of your life and the direction it is taking in 2020. You can find more emotional stability otherwise and some of you could also move to a new place. Relationships will go through tough times in the spring and summer of 2020 with some social pressure and possibly intrigues. You will see sides in others that you did not know existed. But in July things start to look up for you. This year is also a year of learning happening gradually over time especially in the second half of the year. This trend will continue in the first half of 2021. During the second half of the year you are very strong, brave, ambitious and competitive. You could feel challenge and will fight for your success and/or leadership position.


This is the year to be truly brilliant and if you feel you are not that already, it is a time to expand your mind and learn many new things. But there is also this guru-energy about you and you will want to teach the wisdom you have learned to others. Spring and summer is a time when money can come abundantly to you and in fact there are changes regarding finances this year especially during the second half. Great investments can also be made. The problem could be that May to June could create some losses as well and maybe you spend lots of money on things just to attract other people's jealousy or to realize what you bought wasn't that great after all. Some of you also need to re-evaluate your relationship to money and ask yourself why something is worth having. But as a general rule, even if you should make losses, your finances will steadily improve and you can find new work and new sources of income. In the second half of the year, energy levels could be low, but this is a great time to take care of yourself and your family.


Personal development is no stranger to you but this is the year when real transformation takes place and sometimes to grow we need to reach rock bottom so that we can rise again, like the Phoenix. As a general rule, by the end of 2020 also your health will have improved. Some of you change also jobs, make investments and find new sources of income especially during the first half of the year. During spring and summer you look wonderful and you are extremely charming but with that light shining so bright you can also attract people that would like to use you somehow. In the end that great love story can turn into something very bitter. It is better to keep your emotional distance. Be open for a far truer love, romance and appreciation in July and August instead. This year and the next is a great time for you otherwise to find new love and a new life partner even if you would go through separation and divorce. Social life is otherwise pretty aggressive in the second half of the year but you get the chance to choose sides and to show off your leadership skills. Try to learn this year to cope with and to avoid drama.


Relationships continue to change and there are still lessons to be learned but this is a good year for expansion of social life and for meeting important people with whom you can connect at some level. People will change you nonetheless. The power of Jupiter will teach you some things too, in some cases about the equal value of all and ethics in relationships. During the first half of the year there is still time for you to meet a soul mate if you haven't already, or to try and repair your current relationship. But anyway, this is a very social influence in your life so 2020 is very much in a sense about relationships. You will during spring and summer also have to learn more about self-love coming from within as opposed from others in the form of worship or confirmation. Some relationship drama because of betrayal and gossip could create some problems in relationships in May and June. You might though find out certain truths as late as late November and December. During the second half of the year, you will focus more and more on work and career and there is great ambition.

LEO 2020

Health should improve and possibly you manage to get rid of those bad habits while the work situation should do the same, improve, given your sense of responsibility and the will to put hard work into anything you do. This trend continues from last year but now there is also more luck and new opportunities. Some drama and challenges in relationships can appear in May and June. There could be gossip and you could even meet people that want to rip you off financially. It is better to keep a low profile because you can draw attention to yourself that eventually can create great rivalry that will last for a very long time. Depending on the situation, it could be about time you rise up and say "Enough". Social life will be changing with new people entering your life and others leaving during the second half of the year and into next year as well. You are very opinionated in the second half of the year but there is so much mental energy, and if you have the opportunity then you should maybe get into politics and fight for what is right, as well as learn more. Be careful while traveling. There could be some challenges also while travelling and when dealing with people from other countries, or ethnic backgrounds.

VIRGO 2020

You have learned lately that you can put your skills to practical use and that you can even learn some new skills and this trend just continues. What is different is that you can now learn that there are more talents within you did not know about and that some talents can be developed through practice. Life is more fun in 2020 even if there is still a lot of responsibility especially regarding children. If you are trying to have children maybe you will feel lucky towards the end of this year. The spring and summer months are sensitive times but mainly regarding work and career accomplishment. You can achieve goals, you can work hard and preform very well, but still, at some point, fans, and people that usually sustain you, can turn against you, depending on the situation. You might come across as less talented or knowledgeable. There could even be situations where money, possessions or intellectual work is stolen. Someone could take credit for your work. It will be harder for you to assert yourself. You need to have patience since this period of time might prove to be the first impulse of change regarding work that can take off next year. In the second half of the year, you can also learn to better control your emotions and you strive towards more control regarding your life and the direction your life and career is taking. Changes could also happen in the family. Some of you, not all, could move or at least consider doing it. During the second half of the year you can make many investments but you should rather avoid gambling and financial risks. There could be problems with impulse control and too much stress. Take care of yourself, and do not put your health and wellbeing at risk.

LIBRA 2020

This is the year when family responsibility continues to play an important part in your life but there is more luck and expansion regarding family. There could be new marriages or children being born. You can also move to a better and larger home. You might also want to evolve when it comes to your emotional life especially since there could be a need to handle emotions. This in turn can help you take charge of your life. Some career changes that were initiated last year could be finalized during the first half of 2020 especially. Spring and summer is a time of higher thinking, beautiful thoughts and a sense of purpose. The problem is that others might come to suppress you or underestimate your intelligence something that could have some negative effects in the long run. But if you truly feel dumb, do not worry, because the second half of the year is a time of learning. What is new is that some of you also start to care more about politics and justice. Besides that, you become more philosophical and want to teach others showing them the way. Relationships are intense in the second half of the year, from July to December. Sometimes there is conflict, especially in close relationships, and family relationships. On the other hand, some of you might also defend loved ones if they are under some form of attack.


Communication and short travel continues to be a big theme this year with a better ability to talk wisely. The range of subjects you discuss are wider. You have a better memory this year learning more facts. Eventually you can also know enough to turn all that knowledge into wisdom. It will be easier for you to express yourself in writing. Your way of thinking is also changing during the first half of the year gradually. Your emotional stability is challenged this spring and summer and a lot of inner work must take place to reach a sense of balance. You could be working on yourself. On the other hand family relationships prove to be difficult during spring and summer time. And maybe you feel your house needs improvement. It is good to wait regarding big investments because May to July might not be the best times. Another problem during spring and summer could be meeting a person that seems so right but you only look at appearances and when you dig dipper, there are skeletons in the closet. Manipulative tendencies from your part and also from others can have bad consequences on finances, health and wellbeing. Nonetheless, gradually, during the second half of the year, you can make changes regarding finances. You can find a new job or find a new source of income. You can also make more investments. During the second half of the year, energy levels rise and so you can do more work and accomplish more too. Maybe some of you have more energy to work out. The problem during this second half of the year, is too much stress.


Money and finances continue to be an important area in your life, but this year more opportunity is created and by the end of the year your financial situation should look much brighter. You can also continue to save some money, take loans if necessary and make more investments during the first half of the year especially. Spring and summer are good times for relationships in a sense but there is also difficulty and hardship in relationships with lack of communication and the risk of gossip and intrigues especially in May and June. Relationships can also end because of betrayal. By July relationships should start to improve. Nonetheless, relationships and love life are a big theme during the second half of the year and next year too, and some of you might get divorced but then you quickly find someone new. If you are single and have been single for a while, you will find that it is easier to fall in love again and there are new admirers as well. On the other hand, generally speaking, social life, should flourish and you find more friends and you hang out more with people. More fun during the second half of the year can though increase your spending and it is good to be careful so that you do not overspend or end up in debt. Love is more passionate on the other hand. You are more creative. There is a sense of restlessness and sometimes more conflicts take place.


2020 is a better year even though you still go through change. You find more luck, more wisdom and you get the chance to learn so much more. You will definitely evolve in the right direction. If you have purpose, even better, because depression and a sense of meaningless can be avoided. But you got to let optimism also have its place in your life. Some of you let spirituality have a bigger role in your life. Last year you got the chance to see your social life having a boost and this continues very much during the first half of this year. If you are single you can find a new partner but some of you can go through divorces and changes of partners. Some financial dealing during spring and summer might not go very well. And at work the situation might not be the best either. You might encounter problems of all kinds, including deceitful co-workers. Some financial burden might appear for some of you in form of a debt and also some stress. If May and June are a bit more difficult, July and August, are so much better, so have patience and faith. Some changes regarding work and health take place during the second half of 2020, but powerful insights can change your life. The truth can set you free. If you start also new health routines and exercise, do it in your home because you can use the energy of Mars during the second half of the year constructively and do not have to get into fights with your family. On the other hand some of you might feel your house is in need of renovation in the second part of the year.


This is an important year because you find so many answers and the truth is revealed to you. Many of these answers are already within but you can find revelations and answers through research and reading books. You can also trust your intuition because it can also provide you with important information. During the first half of the year your health can also become a concern but there could be changes also regarding health and also regarding work, that pretty much continue since last year. Spring and summer are interesting times for you but they can also be difficult times for you, with some deception in love and with people taking credit for your creative work or for your ideas. Children can also create some problems or the relationship is absent, or maybe worsening. They could require more attention. It can also be hard to keep positive. Second half of the year is also a time when there are changes in regard to social life in general and some of you could also change social environment because of moving, or because you change jobs, etc. The second half of the year, you could also be on the move, a little more, with more short travel but there is also more risk for accidents so you should be careful. Problems appear also because of disagreements and lots of inner frustration. Some of you might also realize things about others that are irritating or frustrating. It is hard to find inner balance. On the bright side, you have more walking and running energy and it is a good time to get in shape.


There have been some challenges last year regarding social life but things can now more or less improve. You are also able to find more happiness in relationships and you can meet new people. If you have children, they can be quite important to you during this year, just like they were important last year, maybe because they go through changes, regarding education or job, or other things depending on the situation and their age. The pressure is very much lifted when it comes to social life March to July so relationships can very much improve. On the other hand, there could be some accumulated fear that you need to work through. Besides that, family and close relationships can go through a couple of problems mainly because of intrigues. You can also feel tempted to make some renovations or improvements in your house but this only creates suspicion or jealousy, and even people you hire might do a bad job, so it is better to wait. July and August are perhaps a little better for these things. Another problem that becomes evident could be more emotional instability that you also have to deal with constructively during the summer and the second half of the year really. If you have control over your emotions, you have control over your life as well. On the other hand your career could also take a new turn and the second half of the year is a great year to work more and accumulate more wealth. You should though avoid risky investments and gambling. Some of you have the desire to move during second half of this year and next year.