Jupiter conjunct Pluto

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction 2020

Avoiding blind faith but embracing endless possibilities

The planet of truth, wisdom and learning will conjunct the planet of transformation three times in the year of 2020 which will be an amazing year with many changes. The conjunction will happen in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is a sign of leadership and success in career. Capricorn rules hierarchical systems such as large corporations, the military and the government.

Capricorn represents power in the world, as well as our own power to take our lives in the desired direction.

The dates of the exact conjunctions are April 4, June 30, and November 12, 2020. The first two conjunctions are at 24° of Capricorn while the last conjunctions is at 22°.

Transformation will happen thanks to truth being revealed. There will be truth regarding governments, regarding leaders and other important powerful people.

While there could indeed be some drama regarding the private life of powerful people, another possibility is that it is corruption or power abuse which is revealed.

While there is a pull towards more democracy, liberalism and more freedoms, there is another pull created by those who oppose it.

Possibly some governments will give same sex relationships and women more rights, depending on the situation, country, region, etc.

Criminals could also be tried around this conjunctions and justice will be made.

International treaties can be signed.

There is also a possibility of any kind of horror that Pluto might bring about to expand and create more damage than it was intended to.


How the conjunction can affect your sign

As a general rule, you should read your sun, rising and moon sign.

ARIES: Changes affect career and career success. You can find new ways to do things, and achieve goals. New possibilities that change everything could appear.

TAURUS: Learning taking place this year will definitely totally or partially change the way you look at things. You might consider travelling to expand your horizons. Do not trust every spiritual teacher out there.

GEMINI: TThe biggest change happens inside of you. You transform as a person. New insights can bring you new ways to see things and be.

CANCER: A very big theme for you this year are relationships, always changing and expanding. Someone's good will is welcome but things could change in a new direction at any moment? Do not have blind faith in anybody.

LEO: The most important changes happen regarding health and work. Being of service to others feels important and new opportunities show up. Yet, when it comes to treatments and health, you can find out some truths that should be taken seriously. Do not trust all doctors. Always ask for a second opinion.

VIRGO: You show great potential when it comes to creativity and your talents. Love can become a very tricky area, especially when hidden secrets come out.

LIBRA: The area that goes through most change is home and family. Things are changing and shifting and a new way of seeing family must be embraced. At times, all those privacy issues might create great concerns.

SCORPIO: There is so much to learn this year changing you forever more. Communication patters could also change. And you can change the way you think about yourself and your inner life. Changes can also take place regarding short travel and how you get to work. Be careful, always, in traffic.

SAGITTARIUS: The financial area could change and it is probably mostly a good thing because Jupiter can create new opportunities while Pluto is also a planet of riches. This conjunction can assure you that money will grow.

CAPRICORN: You grow and change this year mostly because you learn so many new things. Great spiritual and personal development will take place.

AQUARIUS: 2020 is a year for great revelations for you. Embrace everything because once you have answers you will know what to do.

PISCES: This conjunction promises changes in relationships. Opportunities come through other people. Yet, you should try and be careful since not everyone you meet is wonderful. You can learn many things from other people.