Jupiter in capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn 2020: Success and Goal Achievement


Jupiter, the planet of learning, wisdom and positivity, is also associated with luck and expansion.

This planet also brings opportunity and many possibilities. Jupiter can help you learn what you need to know and make your dreams come true by bringing you the right circumstances. Whatever Jupiter affects is the place where we find fulfillment.

Jupiter enters Capricorn December 2, 2019, but Uranus is still in Taurus.

Uranus in Taurus, in a sign that wants to own things, can create a trap for those people who think in terms of lack. They tend to think that there is not enough for everyone. They are scared that others will enter their territory to take their share.

This way of thinking needs to be changed. Abundance does not exist where there is lack.

Instead of seeing obstacles and limitations, we must look at all the possibilities that exist.

Then lack and fear disappear and there is more than enough for each and every one.

Welcome to December 2019 with Jupiter improving, and expanding the power of Uranus!

But how will Jupiter affect each sign?


How will Jupiter in Capricorn affect your sign?

As a general rule, you should read your sun, rising and moon sign.

ARIES: In Capricorn, Jupiter helps you reach your career-related goals. New opportunities appear for better development in your business or you could get promoted. Besides that, your plans work out. You can achieve a better position in society with a better status. You can also free yourself from outer control to be the master of your own life.

TAURUS: Jupiter in the 9th house brings about the energy of the guru. This is an opportunity to expand your mind and free yourself from limiting beliefs. Anything is possible. You will see. Expect to study or teach and why not both. Spiritual beliefs can inspire and stimulate you. You might travel more.

GEMINI: What you learn can benefit your personal growth and personal development. Deep inner transformation happens as a true blessing. Emotions can be strong and meaningful and it is worth listening to them as well as to your strong intuition. You can gain through others, including marriage and partnerships, all kinds of passive income, and also inheritances. You can make important investments.

CANCER: This is a transit that is social. You meet many new people and you start new associations, partnerships, and friendships. You find other people helpful too because they are very happy to assist and help you achieve your goals. There are optimism and happiness, and you feel people really like you and enjoy your company. Your relationships improve in general, and so does your marriage. If Saturn in Capricorn creates separation, there could be a possibility of a second marriage. There is a risk of being too naive.

LEO: Your health improves and you can find new therapies that can help you feel better. This is the house of service and so you are helpful to others. New opportunities and possibilities appear in the area of work. You become a source of inspiration in your field. You motivate others to cooperate because you can inspire them to put away their differences and find the common denominator. You can find a new job or a better job. You enjoy your work more and there is an opportunity to learn and to expand and maybe even to travel in connection to work. You can expand to different markets, in different countries, or languages. The risk is overindulging in food and drink, as well as overworking.

VIRGO: Your creative ability, existing or newly discovered, brings you happiness and success. Even people that are not aware of their creative potential can find hidden talents within. These talents can be expanded and through your creative self-expression, everybody can benefit. You could entertain, or turn your hobby into a profession. This transit can also benefit your romantic life and your social life with more fun trips abroad. Your sense of humor develops too. Children, if you have any, do well or you might get pregnant.

LIBRA: Jupiter in Capricorn can help you find happiness in your family life and in your home. Not only is family life improving, but you can find a spacious, beautiful and comfortable home. Family and close friends are helpful and you will find joy when you connect with friends from the past. More people come into your house. You are hospitable and glad if you have guests. The family can expand, sometimes because of marriage and / or children, sometimes because of pets.

SCORPIO: This transit makes you optimistic and considerate. Opportunities for frequent travel can appear. There is more inner chatter that can make you philosophical with a strong intuition. You could be faced with the need to learn a new language or you deal with people from other countries and have to try and understand them. You will want to keep moving and broaden your horizons constantly. You can also walk more, ride your bike more. More learning takes place. Computers can take a center stage and you might buy more than the usual one or two. The same goes for mobile phones. This transit can bring happiness in the life of your brothers and sisters. Your neighbors can also benefit.

SAGITTARIUS: This is a time for financial success when your efforts are well compensated. New opportunities for making money appear. It is a time for prosperity and financial abundance. There are also helpful influences around you and circumstances support you. You believe in your abilities and that makes everything easier because you keep working. You learn anything you need to know easily and you can concur new markets easily. You can now also enjoy your material possessions. It feels good to have more and afford more. Some of you receive sponsorships and financial aid in support of your inventions or projects. You are very generous yourself. Most of you will at the same time understand that there is more to life than money, but some of you now with better finances think about investing abroad, working abroad, or buying a home abroad, and such things.

CAPRICORN: Jupiter in the 1st house will help you learn many new things, depending on the field of interest. Some of you are going to be into spirituality or even theology and religion. Many opportunities for personal growth and freedom will appear. But Jupiter's expansive tendencies can create weight gain. You can inspire others to have faith. You are cheerful, optimistic, and funny. Your faith in yourself increases as well. This could also be the time when learning or luck can expand your personal freedom. You are generous and attract nice people in your life.

AQUARIUS: Jupiter can bring you new insight into things that you previously did not see or did not know existed. Things are now revealed. And suddenly everything makes sense. You might have invisible spiritual protectors that can help you improve the quality of your life. You tap into the collective unconscious to learn more about it. There is a desire to be of help. You can sacrifice time and sleep to do that. You can use your intuition to guide others. You can also be the person that tries to make others aware of things that only you can see. There is a risk of being unrealistic.

PISCES: This transit can increase your popularity as well as your social luck. You can meet nice people and make more friends. You can teach a class, speak in front of an audience or learn with others, taking a class. You can also join certain groups. You are trying to find the common denominator and you rarely step out of line or become unconventional.