Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020

Saturn conjunct Pluto 2020


All astrologers talk about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction January 12, 2020. It is believed that this conjunction will create some type of restructuring of governments in certain countries and parts of the world. And it is very true, since both Saturn and Pluto are transformers and both planets are about power and control even though they go about it in different ways.

Saturn is about rules and regulations while Pluto is about psychology. Pluto dives deep into the human psyche and can influence and manipulate.

In esoteric astrology, Saturn rules Capricorn at personality level and Libra at soul level and this means that a more evolved Saturn is really about balance and about following norms.

Pluto on the other hand, rules Scorpio at personality level with Mars and it rules Pisces at the soul level. This means that there is a connection between Pluto not just with oil and other riches including inner riches but also with Piscean themes such as the sea, hospitals (the medical field) and prisons (crime). The most obvious about Pluto is though transformation.

A conjunction between Saturn and Pluto would probably limit the effects on Pluto.

If we skip the small talk and get to the point, we can expect the following regarding this conjunction in the year of 2020, and some of the processes might have already started.

  • Dangers regarding chemicals of all kinds, including oil spills. It is possible there will be talks about regulating some chemicals including those used in wars especially if some unpleasant incident takes place.
  • Establishing an important hospital. Besides that, doctors in a certain field might consider doing everything they can to eradicate a certain type of disease once and for all.
  • Establishing powerful influential corporations or institution. In relation to such a conjunction a couple of nowadays powerful newspapers were established like the New York Times.
  • We already see development in regard to restricting false propaganda. Facebook still allows political advertising based on lies, and Twitter chose to restrict it.
  • Some revelations regarding corruption and human rights abuses might come to the surface.
  • When government has to make decisions, regarding freedoms for women, trans- and gay rights, they might take the conservative route.
  • There could be a lot of fear mongering, and some of it might be true.
  • Things are sinking around this aspect. We can expect more flooding and sinking boats, ships, buildings, even cities because of flooding or rising sea levels. On the other hand, cities and countries that can afford it, might come up with solutions so that flooding is limited.
  • People can make huge mistakes because of stress and fear. Psychological problems can also create dangers.
  • There is a certain risk of real war, of cold war and chemical attacks.
  • A new classic could be published. In past, "Moby Dick", "Treasure Island" and Michael Jackson's "Thriller" where publishes around such a conjunction.
  • People that have fought for a very long time for freedom can finally achieve it. In the past, India won for example its independence around this conjunction.

How we choose to use the energies of Pluto and Saturn is very much up to us. We can use it for good and bad, to selfish or heroic reasons. 


How the conjunction can affect your sign

As a general rule, you should read your sun, rising and moon sign.

ARIES: Career goes through changes. If you work in a field that has to do with psychology, medicine, there is definitely change occuring since your field is changing and transformning. New rules, new directives, new ways of doing things. There is a pull and push between honesty and its opposite.

TAURUS: The news industry, if you are in it, goes most likely through crucial changes and plays a major role in the changing happening in the world. Your world view will if you are the audience be affected by what you read and the information available to you. Studies are a difficult theme this year but you will most likely do a lot of learning. Some of you travel and move abroad. Try as much as you can to become your own guide and guru.

GEMINI: So much inner transformation and so many financial responsiblities! This is a tough year but it is the year you grow the most. Healthwise, you might not always be on top but it depends on so many things, and this is not the case for all of you. There is a certain tension between the need to learn to handle whatever is coming at you and the need to control outer circumstances and to influence people.

CANCER: It is relationships that are influenced the most by this conjunction. There could be good and bad developments in 2020 because as you grow and change relationshipwise finding new maturity and balance, there could be endings in relationships too, in the form of divorces and separation. Power struggle could also be a big theme.

LEO: Work changes and you can find new routines. Take also care of your health. Skip the bad habits and try limiting the influence of any temptation that you know can lead you astray or create addictive behavior. Success will come to you in your field after a long struggle.

VIRGO: You can be quite serious about children this year. You could want to have some and try any venue, including adoption. But if you already have enough you try to really se so that they go in the right direction in life guiding them and watching them closely. This year is maybe not the best year for romance.

LIBRA: Responsablities change because of this conjunction but some of you feel it is time to take care and think about yourself too. Family has been consuming you for too long. But is it really over? Chances is that you just have to find another strategy.

SCORPIO: Communication is a big theme for you in 2020 and the inner life is equally important and transforming. What are you telling yourself all the time and do you meditate enough? The way you communicate can change drastically. Depending on previous relationship patterns, now you could face some karmic effects. You can excel though at writing and it can be good to keep a diary.

SAGITTARIUS: It is time to save up because some financial responsablities could wait around the corner. Are you going to make that big new investment? Or are you going to wait? Things could even change at work. Cut your spending. It cannot be bad for you.

CAPRICORN: There are certain restraints to what you can do, yet you are most powerful when you know your limitations so that you can turn into a direction where you actually can grow and so that you can do what you are meant to do.

AQUARIUS: To open your eyes might be the biggest challenge for you. There could be some value in it. It is not a time to be too sure of anything since everything can be interpreted in a completely new way at any time.

PISCES: Important developments appear in your social life and it could be so that it is really transforming and changing but questions of power and control are becoming more and more relevant.

Last update: November 16, 2019