Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Saturn in aquarius

Saturn is a planet of maturity and responsibility and it has the power to restructure society as our moral values are changing.

If people are not in tune with the energies of Saturn already, they will not be able to adapt and they will experience Saturn as karma, punishment, or as a teacher.

Aquarius, ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, is a sign of rationality, logic, reason, technology, intelligence, freedom, independence, equality, and brotherhood or sisterhood. Aquarius is a futuristic sign ahead of its time.

In Aquarius Saturn wants to end injustices and inequalities between people and between the people and the elites. Karma and punishment comes to people that expect to make progress in life using contacts or favors.

It is the time for the honest men and women. Those that really deserve their prestige. And so women, people of color or people from different pariah groups receive finally their recognition or are accepted in important roles that can help humanity progress, while in the past these people would be marginalized even if it meant society stood still.

Power had its own people instead in place. Now that power will grow weaker and many people will continue to step down from power positions.

Part of the evolution of freedom and of opening up new horizons is introducing robots in our everyday life: as companions, lovers, pets, and servants.

The pure thought of it brings some disgust but with a global pandemic, wouldn’t it be more useful to have a robot that cannot catch disease to work in health care? You could send these robots in caves, volcanos, in space, and other hostile environments.

The planet also become more important with all its animals – environment and nature. They will have rights. This transit will help people develop a conscience.

But there will be struggle between the old and the new. Those people that understand that they have to change themselves for the world to change, will have an easier transit.

Yet sometimes things do not change without a fight either.

In a changing and uncertain world it will also be more difficult to lean on the state and existing power structures, and individual responsibility will become more important.

In a sense this current pandemic and social distancing will also help people rely more on themselves.

The current transit until 2023 will be colored by the square to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus helps us learn that all separation is an illusion and that tolerance is the only way forward.

SATURN IN AQUARIUS: previous transits

First of all, these transits were very eventful.

But here is a list of events for the last three transits.

  • Some good things regarding women, respect for women, rights of women
  • Space missions Radio waves, (now 5G )
  • Solar/Lunar Eclipses more powerful and notable
  • Segregation, racism, separation (now social distancing)
  • People cooperate more in crime
  • Group rebellion/strikes, riots
  • Escapes from prisons
  • First concentrations camps
  • Some prisons like Alcatraz were shut down
  • Heroes like MLK, Mandela, Gandhi, spent time in prison
  • American civil rights movement
  • Great speeches by MLK, Kennedy, Malcolm X, Mandela
  • New technological developments, phones, space, planes, trains, and computers
  • Elitism. G7 summit – unofficial meeting of leaders
  • Several assassinations including of JFK
  • Frank Sinatra kidnapping
  • Death of Marlin Monroe
  • Founding organizations and foundations of all kinds, trade unions, pacts established with others.
  • Fall of Soviet Fall of communism in India
  • Many Civil wars , many riots, many strikes
  • Collapse of Yugoslavia
  • Dissolved pacts and associations that were outdated

Last updated: 21/04/2020