Solar Eclipse

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn December 2019

This is one of those magical moments. The longest night has already passed. Refreshed and reawakened, we celebrate the new light!

The old depiction of Capricorn as the sea-goat, has to do with the decision not to be sheep anymore but to make our own path in life.

Let’s become the masters of our own destinies.

Let’s become the heroes of our own lives.

When we also stop working from purely egoistical intentions, we become tools, in a greater divine plan, and can help humanity raise its consciousness.

Let our purpose be higher than our individual selves.

For new moon wishes based on the energy of the sign of Capricorn, find out the exact time of the new moon.

Write down all your wishes in the next 8 hours.

The wishes should be about, control, leadership, attainment, status and recognition. You can also wish to become less of a control freak or find more meaning in life then wordly success.

Let us though make a couple of New Moon Affirmations:

- Today I make wishes that come true.

- Today, success begins.

- Today, I invite abundance in.

- Today, I become the creator of my own life.

- Today, I begin to live with purpose.

The New Moon Eclipse in Capricorn is a great time to think about leadership and about what we want from a leader.

We must recognize that there is no such thing as wise leadership whitout compassion.

If we want the world to change we need to vote for someone which is very different because the old hate-based paradigm only leads us into problems and the same old, same old. '

May everything that is dead these winters days come alive again!

  • Take control over your life.
  • Have a goal or a plan.
  • Attain.
  • Work hard.
  • Have a higher purpose then yourself.